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Posted by on February 28, 2013

If you enjoy the site and would like to show your support  I have extra catalogs for sale. I will discount 10% on orders of 3 or more catalogs and a 20% discount on orders of 6 or more catalogs (refund applied after I receive the order).

Price includes shipping priority mail in the USA. Thanks! -Scott

 1988 Catalogs


6 Responses to Catalogs for Sale

  1. Louisa Voisine

    Hi Scott,

    Just a note to say how much I love you site.

    I once had the entire collection and lost it in a flood. The worst part was as developer and director of the Studio Services Division for Banana Republic I used to take each new catalog and have all the producers, directors, costume designers and film stars autograph the catalogs next to each piece they puchased for all the productions that went through my office.
    It makes me happy to see catalogs have survived.


    Louisa Voisine

  2. Chris

    This was the best of times…. nothing like it….I have a couple of bags left and a few posters…. but man why didn’t I keep the catalogues during my last cleaning spree…… waaaa all those memories!
    I remember the first time I heard a Banana Republic retail store was coming to Phoenix…. I just had to work for them so I stood in line and went through the process and got hired. Oh that was a store, the music, the displays…. it was “Disneyesque”
    My very first item bought was the wool RAF pullover…. I was hook on the story from the catalogue…thank you to all the people that made such a wonderful product in the 80′s and thank you for this awesome site!

  3. TJ Learnihan

    Great Site..Would love to get some of those old Catalogs!!! I don’t suppose you know of anywhere that I could still get 4-5 Naturalists Shirts in XXL…? Well, Never hurts to ask…=)

  4. Stephen McGregor

    I love this, I have several of the catalogs, great site… Thanks,

  5. Max Foster

    I used to have several items from BR and the French Army Bush Hat finally bit the dust after over 20 years of use. I was 16 at the time the BR became big and really wish that I had bought more of their clothing when I could have but who has money when they are 16? Also, even if I had, I couldn’t wear them now! Too bad. I hate that the Gap bought them out and their stuff is no longer found. Great memories of the catalogs. Had 5-6 of them and lost them in a move/cleaning episode. Too bad also.
    Great website/blog.

  6. Genavieve

    OMG! The memories! I was about twelve when I discovered Banana Republic in SF at one of the New Earth Expos. It was in its very early years, no stores, only catalogs. BR was a big influence on my burgeoning fashion sense at the time. I remember walking into the first store right around the time “Out of Africa” was released and falling hook, line and sinker for all the colonialist romance. What a rude awakening it was a year or two later after the merger with the Limited! Thanks for bringing back some funny and fond memories. I think my mother still has her Bushman’s Raincoat. It’s one of the few things I want from her closet when she goes to the Great Beyond.

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